Indoor Gathering Laws

To our valued members and visitors,

Yes, we are still open with all your favourite sessions to enjoy.

We appreciate that people want to go about their daily lives, maintaining some normality and routine, including coming to the gym to continue with their healthy lifestyles and keeping your immune systems strong.

New Social Indoor Gathering Laws

The new laws require at least 100m squared to host 25 people and we’re happy to say that:

  • BoxOn -100m squared (maximum 25 people per class)
  • Grid / Lift – 160m squared (maximum 40 people per class)
  • SuperHIIT / Yoga / Core – 160m squared (maximum 40 people per class)

We’re fortunate that we have a large enough facility and our extra measures below is how we intend to continue to provide group training sessions in a safe and professional manner until it is not possible under laws set down by federal government.

We are taking extra steps to ensure your gym is a clean and hygienic environment for everyone. With the growing concerns our greatest priority is the health and well-being of our members and trainers, so we have taken to working as a team to increase hygiene by sanitising stations and equipment during and after each session with hospital grade anti bacterial wipes and love how our exercise community has embraced that so keep up the good work as many hands make light work! (And they are getting sanitised as well which is a bonus).

Other Points of Note

  • Now is the best time to purchase Boxing Gloves and they are in stock. In addition, the option to practice shadow boxing during these BoxOn rounds will be provided.
  • Compulsory use of towels, we now will be strictly enforce our NO TOWEL NO TRAINING policy.
  • We have hand sanitiser available on the gym floor and front reception for use before and after your workout.
  • Please ensure you have a decent size towel and avoid the size that resembles one a tea towel you would dry the dishes!

We will continue to use World Health, NSW Health, PM Public Announcements and Fitness Australia as our reference points (not the social media opinions about gyms that are highly speculative) and ask that you remain positive to reduce the fear and panic in the community and keep up your routine work out at North Ryde Fitness+Aquatic.

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