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We are an all ages, all fitness levels community. We work hard but always finish with a smile. 

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Designed to cater to all fitness goals

The NRFA Way

Arrive 10 minutes prior

Upon arrival you be greeted by our staff at reception.

We’ll check you in, get you sorted, and walk you through what to expect during your first class.

We can even set you up with a complimentary MyZone heart rate monitor for you to track your workout in real time. 

Class Demonstration

A team member will introduce you to the trainer taking each class. Demonstrations are presented to the group before each exercise. 

Haven’t exercised in a while? Don’t worry we provide progressions and regressions for each exercise. 

Warm up

Trainers run through some full body, low intensity exercises to warm up your muscles in preparation for the rest of the class. 

it's go time

Pick a station, wait for the timer and start.

Trainers come around to assist you with your technique. Their goal is to motivate you.

If you chose the MyZone heart rate monitor you can check your progress throughout the class. 

high 5s

Finish your workout knowing you took the first step. 

High 5’s all round as this is how team training is meant to be.

Never Look Back

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