Aquatic COVID-19 Update

North Ryde Fitness + Aquatic Swim School is open and operating as per normal, we would like to reassure parents and carers that we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 coronavirus situation and are being extra vigilant about good hygiene practices.

We are reminding staff not to come to work if they are sick, which is in line with our usual practices due to staff working so closely with children.

We can also assure you that:

  1. Cleaning and sanitising of hard surfaces around the pool (rails, tables, chairs, benches, bathrooms etc.) has increased to help maintain a healthy and sanitised environment.
  2. Our pool water chemistry will continue to be tested three times a day as per industry standards.
  3. Our pool plant and equipment will continue to be regularly maintained and inspected by Roejen Services, who offer the very latest in pool maintenance technologies.

We have reminded staff about proper hygiene and hand sanitiser is available at reception.

In line with NSW Health and the Federal Government’s Department of Health, we are reminding parents to:

  • re-educate children about healthy hygiene habits
  • follow the Government’s current quarantine and / or testing requirements, if you or your family have visited any of the affected areas, as identified by the State and Federal Governments, or have come into contact with someone who has visited those affected areas
  • not send your children to swim school if there is a risk you / they have been exposed to the virus, until you either have medical clearance or have completed the current 14-day self-isolation quarantine requirement, during which you or your child has shown no symptoms
  • go about your normal business and send your child to swimming lessons if you / they have had no known exposure to the virus and are fit and healthy

Please visit the below sites for updated information:

We are extremely lucky to have a well-maintained outdoor pool as well as a low concentration of people using the pool facilities throughout the day. There is plenty of space around the pool, feel free to move some chairs around to suit your needs with social distancing.

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