Top 5 Fitness Classes for Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss and staying motivated there is no better option than our very own HighLow Fitness group training gym. 

HighLow Fitness programming is high intensity to burn calories but low impact so you can recovery faster with a reduced risk of injury. Our expert trainers will be there to guide you through what group fitness classes are best suited to you. They will also show how you can best utilise those classes for weight loss. We understand if your goal is weight loss than some classes are better than others. Take a look at our top picks that are not only great for weight loss but also great fun.

1. Grid

If you like a well rounded class that hits all the muscle groups and leaves you feeling exhausted but satisfied, well look no further than Grid. This class has a blend of state of the art low impact cardio equipment with functional strength accessories like Kettlebells, Powerblocks and Suspension Straps. It’s our number one pick for reason as you are burning calories through our cardio machines, while offsetting that with resistance training. Not only are you losing weight but you’re building muscle at the same time. Don’t take our word for it, take an industry leaders review in ClassPass.

2. Boxon

You may have guessed with the name but yes this is our boxing class but with our own twist. No need for partners with our customized wall mounted boxing units, targeting the upper body with a variety of boxing punch combinations. All combinations are instructed by our trainers to maximise your cardiac output which is great for weight loss. The Boxon twist incorporates exercises in between boxing to make it unique to us. We focus on the lower body with a blend of spin cycling ranging from seated or standing climbing, sprints, and hovering. Core strength is a major component with one section dedicated to strengthening your abs so you’ll be fighting fit like a boxer. With boxing, cycling and core involved you can imagine this class burns the most calories out of all our classes making it such a favourite for members wanting to lose weight.

3. SuperHIIT

If you like variety and enjoy a mix of exercises than SuperHIIT might be perfect for you. An amazing circuit based high intensity interval training session fit for all fitness levels with our trainers providing progressions and regressions for each exercise. There are a total of 12 exercises and no two sessions are the same. This class stimulates your body into a fat burning machine. You’re constantly having to adapt to ever changing full body functional exercises. Breaks are encouraged so you don’t burn out. Allow for enough recovery so you can train for longer.

4. Lift

This class is resistance focused session. It aims to build strength through incorporating weights and body weighted exercises. This ensures the class is suited to both building muscle while remaining toned. Lift is a staple for a lot of our members. Lift is a great session for correcting posture and strengthening your core. Although this class doesn’t burn as many calories as the others this class shouldn’t be neglected. This class essentially builds your foundations for long-term weight loss by increasing your lean muscle mass. After all what is the point of losing weight if the weight is your muscle mass. This class will stimulate your metabolism and never put your at risk of becoming ‘bulky’. Our programming is structured around development of lean muscle mass, which will make your body look more toned than skinny.

5. Yoga

Now you might be thinking Yoga, how can this class help me lose weight. Well, even though you may have the common goal of losing weight, not everyone wants to achieve it the same way. Hence, Yoga is perfect for individuals that are looking to escape the loud music and fast paced nature of the other classes. Our Yoga is slower and a more controlled class focused on stringing postures together. Aim is to move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath to improve your flexibility. Commonly referred to as “vinyasa” yoga, this class offers a variety of postures so no two classes are ever alike. Yoga is commonly used as a recovery class with our members. But don’t let that fool you, as Yoga has numerous progressions available and can be a really exhausting class if you want it to be.

Did Your Fitness Class Make Our List?

Are you ready to begin your weight loss journey. If you liked any of our top fitness classes for weight loss be sure to give them a go as a free trial class. Simply tell us what class you would like to try and we will do the rest.

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