6 Ways to Supervise Your Child Around Water

Being complacent about supervising your children when swimming acts as the primary layer of protection in the prevention of drowning. Strict vigilance is required, no matter how confident a young swimmer may think they are.

With Sydneysiders enjoying a trip to the beach, or to a secluded watering hole, it is essential that parents are familiar with the body of water and perhaps more importantly have swum there before. Choosing to visit an unknown stream or river can have damaging effects.

The RLSSA National Drowning Report for 2020 showed an alarming 68 deaths drownings Australia wide. This time last year there were 52.  (as of 3rd Feb 2021)

  • 29% – Inland (rivers, lakes, dams)
  • 53% – Coastal
  • 9% – Home swimming pools
  • 8% – Other
  • 80% are male
  • 20% are female

The full report here

These high figures are a wakeup call to parents, especially when we consider that 22 out of 68 deaths were aged 18 and under and, of these, over 50% occurred in coastal areas. Combine this with the recent tragic drownings reported in the news, we need to realise that supervision CAN, and DOES FAIL.

It is obvious that parents need to be reminded not to be complacent about supervision as the primary layer of protection in the prevention of drowning. A constant watchful eye is required to ensure their safety. Children are not only drowning in unfamiliar rivers, lakes or beaches, they are also drowning in backyard pools and places that are familiar to them.

To make things worse, incidents have occurred when 1 or both parents were responsible for the supervision.

In these tragic situations, we cannot blame the parties involved. After all, they are only human. They are only examples of what happens when supervision fails.

North Ryde Fitness + Aquatic uses United Swimming for all learn-to-swim swimming lessons. We offer all new customers a free assessment of your childs skills and encourage them to participate in a free introductory class. Contact us for more information.

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