Special Offer: $99 for 10 Sessions*

HighLow Fitness is a multi-award winning High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) brand that is renowned for
scientific programming and strategic product integration.

The friendly vibe in our exercise community is something you will notice straight away.
You’ll also notice how all exercise levels and ages are able to be in the same session.

Take up this $99 for 10 sessions offer to receive:

10 Group Fitness Sessions

2 PT Sessions

2 Evolt Scans

Open Gym Sessions

Plus much more!

*Limited time only, offer ends 30 November. The $99 is valid for 30 days

$99 for
10 sessions

Get back into the gym with our $99 for 10 sessions offer.

Highlow Fitness at North Ryde Fitness and Aquatic and North Sydney are offering those wishing to try a more engaging and personable group fitness gym with the special $99 for 10 sessions. 

Take up this offer to receive:

  • 10 group fitness sessions
  • 2 PT sessions
  • 2 Evolt Body Scans
  • Open gym sessions 
  • Plus much more!

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