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Sean Hegarty

What keeps you coming back to Highlow Classes at North Ryde Fitness + Aquatic? 

After three years doing a workout with NRFA, it is just a part of my daily routine and if I can’t make a lunch session, I will make it up after work. Working out with familiar faces and the longevity of the trainers has been fantastic.

What is your favourite class and why?

I don’t actually have a favourite. I would alternate regularly between Boxon, Grid, Superhiit and Trainers Pick. The only class I don’t do is lift because it doesn’t meet my cardiovascular needs and I get enough strength sets in my other classes.

How has myzone affected your trianing?

I’ve had MyZone for three years now and taken a lot of pride in achieving certain MEP levels each month and reaching new levels. After each class I look to see what % my effort levels are with the aim of hitting high 70’s or cracking 80%. Of course, there is always a bit of competition and banter with your mates on the numbers we’re putting up on the screen during a workout.

Advice you would give to someone thinking of joining?

I’m pleased to have been able to introduce a number of new members to NRFA and the Highlow sessions. My advice would simply be to get through that first week and after 5-6 sessions you’ll feel like a new person. But if you’re going to join then really commit yourself to 3-4 sessions a week and give the 6 week challenge a go.

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