group fitness

It's a completely different experience

When you work out at North Ryde Fitness + Aquatic, we understand that it’s your precious time. Exercise should be focused on you and your fitness goals.

Our trainers are dedicated to help you fall in love with group exercise and make it your favourite time of the week.

Better than your standard gym program

If you have every tried a gym or fitness routine in the past that just it wasn’t for you. Perhaps there was no guidance, no inspiration, and no results. We want you to know that it’s not you, it’s your workout.

You can still achieve your goals to become a fitter, stronger, better version of yourself. But not where you are currently. So North Ryde Fitness + Aquatic partnered with HighLow fitness to bring you specially designed group fitness workouts with one goal in mind: to make sure everyone who participates gets results.

Short 30min or 45min classes

Busy work schedule? All you need is 45 mins to complete our group fitness workouts. 

From the moment you walk in, to the final seconds of your workout our professional trainers guide you through your workout.  Our total body workouts pair with MyZone trackers to ensure you are achieving your results. 

Check out our timetable to find your perfect group fitness workout.

A workout for all levels

Our trainers know that not everyone can go at full speed all the time. That’s why we want you to go at your own pace. All workouts have beginner, intermediate and advanced levels to suit all levels and abilities. 

If you have an injury, or recovering from surgery, we can modify the program to insure that you can jump in and continue to be a part of the team. 

We switch up the exercises within the program so there’s plenty of variety in every class. Check out our program timetable. 

We're a community, not a competition.

Train as a group, sweat with us, and benefit from the hard work you put in together with your training group.

Take a look at our group fitness programs

Other Services We Offer


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3rd February 2020
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Personal Training

The North Ryde Fitness + Aquatic Personal Training team pride themselves on going the extra mile to see you achieve your goals. Their greatest satisfaction comes from your results.

Our team offer a diverse, as well as some very unique skillsets including rehabilitation, weight loss, muscle development, sports conditioning, boxing, kettlebell training and much more.

Whatever your goal, we have the specialist trainer for you.  Helping you reach your fitness goals through monitoring form, technique and providing specific tailored exercises or programming based solely on you.

6 Week Transform

The 6 Week Transform program has delivers accelerated results for hundreds of people. It’s low impact exercise program limits stress on the body whilst helping you achieve the results you deserve.

Our trainers can personalise the program to suit your needs while you train with other members in the program.  We also scan you before, during and after the program.

Your body composition is important to helping you achieve those results. We use our exclusive Evolt 360 Scanner; a game changing method to understanding your body.

Corporate Packages

North Ryde Fitness + Aquatic has its own dedicated corporate fitness team that designs a program for your company. Our team have been involved in corporate wellness for over 10 years.

We know that retaining your employees and keeping them happy and healthy is important. We agree. Thats why we tailor a package to suit your companies needs, health levels and budget. 

Get in touch and see how we can help you. 

E-Volt Body Scan

Turning information into inspiration.

The intelligent body composition analysers together with advanced analysis, scanning your body for height, weight, abdominal Circumference, total body water content, BMR and goal to control body fat.  This technology will change the health and fitness industry for the better.

In 60 seconds the E-Volt 360 scanner can record 40 different body composition measurements, which are analysed in real time through the E-Volt active app. Download it and create a free account.

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