The HighLow gym is unlike any other.

With tailored group fitness programs, there is something to suit you no matter what your fitness levels are!
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Q. What is HighLow Fitness?

A. High Low combines Low Impact Cardio equipment with strength and functional exercises, under the guidance of our professional trainers. You will enjoy exercising regularly more than ever before and get results you never thought possible.

Q. What is involved in each class?

A. Here at North Ryde we offer 4 different types of classes that focus on three main areas: strength, endurance and power. The classes include: Grid, Lift, Box-on and Superhiit. Here are some short videos:

Q. I haven’t done much fitness lately, am I going to be up to it?

A. All our sessions are individualised with progressions and regressions, meaning we offer easier and harder versions for different fitness abilities and for those with ailments. Go at your own pace and let your MyZone belt act as a guide. You can find out more about MyZone technology here:

Q. What do I need to bring?

A. Bring a large towel and water bottle and make sure you remain hydrated throughout the day

Q. What is the current timetable?

A. North Ryde 2019 timetable

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